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What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive treatment for issues like anxiety, ADHD, sleep problems, depression, memory and focus problems. We use it to help repair a brain that has been impacted by drugs and alcohol, or head trauma. It has been around since the 1960's where it was first investigated by NASA. It was used at first to treat epilepsy.

At Atlanta Healing Center, we start with a 19 channel Quantative Electroencephlogram (QEEG) to understand, real time how your brain is functioning. We put a cap on your head with sensors that can pick up the electrical activity of your brain. We are looking for areas that are over working, or not working well, or working at the wrong time. For example, we can see changes in the Delta Range (1-4 HZ), that can help us understand how well you are sleeping, or if you have problems with inflamation or head trauma.

Once we have the information, we use the data to develop a protocol to help your brain be more effective and therefore decrease unwanted symptoms. These protocols help us to reward your brain when it makes changes and improves function.

We use the technic of Operant Conditioning. Lets say your are an anxious person, always worrying, Your brain is always on high alert. We would see this as high activity in the brain. If we can help decrease these Beta Waves When you come in for your neurofeedback treatment, based on the protocls from you QEEG Brain Map, you will sit comfortably and begin to watch a video of your choice. As you become interested in the story line of the video, your brain relaxes a bit. The computer recognizes the change and you get a "reward". Suddenly, the video begins to play better, the picture becomes brighter and the sound more clear. Your are aware of the changes and your brain goes back on high alert again, so the picture fades and sound is less clear. Your brain wants the video to play properly, so if you keep watching the video, your brain will figure out what it needs to do (in this case reduce high activity) to make the video play properly. Your brain has learned to be a bit less anxious. Over time, we make it harder for the video the play as you would like, making your brain work hard and thereby reducing your symptoms of anxiety.

These changes become stable and unless you have a head injury or other changes in your brain, they will remain. This technology is used in our treatment center to assist patients in their recovery from addiction. IF you have questions or would like to schedule a QEEG Brain Map, please contact us at Atlanta Healing Center.


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