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Gratitude: One of Recovery's most important Principles

At this time of year, when we give thanks, it is important to understand the role of gratitude in recovery from the disease of addiction. Join us Tuesday, at 4 pm EDT on America's Web Radio, for "Detailing Addiction with Dr. Susan Blank", brought to you by the Atlanta Healing Center. We are grateful for you, our listeners!

Guest: Lisa Cottrell, LPC Tuesday on "Detailing Addiction with Dr. Susan Blank"

Lisa Cottrell, LPC, is a psychotherapist and founder of Well Being Psychotherapy. She works with patient who have experienced trauma, struggle with addiction, anxiety, depression, grief and life transitions. Tomorrow we will focus on how to help patients who are overwhelmed by existential dilemmias like climate change. Ms. Cottrell will share with use information about an event to be held here in Atlanta on November 20th at 7 pm at the First Existentialist Congregation of Aaltnala

Ethical Dilemmas in Addiction Treatment

When patients suffer with the disease of addiction, there can be some dilemmas for the treatment team. What if that patient has addiction and chronic pain? What if another family member needs treatment? Where are the boundaries if you see your therapist or doctor at a 12 Step Meeting? We will be looking at these and other dilemmas associated with addiction treatment. Join us at 4 pm EDT on "Detailing Addiction with Dr. Susan Blank" on America's Web Radio. Or if you miss the episode, check us out where ever you source your podcasts. Detailing Addiction is brought to you by the Atlanta Healing Cneter.

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