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Covid 19 and Risk of Bad Choices

Welcome to the new normal. Everything about our lives have changed, resulting in tremendous stress. We are worried about our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, our country. Each one of us has pressure and concern about will we catch it? Will we survive if we do? How will we pay our bills? What will happen to our jobs/businesses? When will things return to normal? All of these questions and more keep us up at night and interfere with our ability to focus, and problem solve.

It is so tempting to look for a quick solution; to consider having a drink, instead of once or twice a month, to drink every night. It is ver

y difficult to see that it is possible for some of our coping strategies to actually make things worse. Some of us will turn to food, shopping, gaming, exercise or drugs to help us get through the day (or night). While those substances and behaviors can help briefly, in the long run, you may find they have made things worse. Please be careful, make sure that in addition to washing your hands, covering your coughs and sneezes, wearing a face covering and gloves when you go out, you find safe and sane ways to cope. Please stay safe out there, you are important and you are worth it.


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