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Updated COVID Policy

As was predicted, the number of COVID-19 infections has dramatically increased in recent weeks with the on set of cold and flu season. In order to keep our practice as healthy as possible we are implementing the following practices:

1. All AHC personnel, patients and visitors are required to wear facial coverings unless they are alone in their office.

2. Everyone who comes into the building will have their temperature taken and will be asked the standard CDC Covid screening questions.

3. We encourage frequent and thorough handwashing. Sing: "Happy Birthday" or "Row Row Row your Boat" at a normal speed twice. And don't forget your thumbs.

4. We will treat each space with a UV light after each session.

5. Unless there is a specific reason to the contrary all individual and groups sessions will be provided via Zoom.

6. Neurofeedback training sessions and Vielight treatments will be scheduled with enough time to permit UV light cleaning between appointments.

7. Medications refills will be provided Monday – Thursday (10am – 3pm).

Scientist are learning more each day about this infection, best-practice treatment approaches and the long-term consequences of exposure. Protecting yourself from exposure will help protect the ones you love.


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