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      David Donaldson has been part of the Atlanta Addiction Treatment community for over 30 years. David brings  clinical experience, in both mental health and the addiction field.  He has provided individual and group therapy for a diverse population to include adolescence, young adults, adults, and their families.

In addition, David has co-lead specialty groups such as men and women’s psychotherapy, abuse survivors, and impaired professional recovery monitoring groups.

      David has worked in a variety of settings such as inpatient psychiatric treatment for adolescents, residential and intensive outpatient program for adults, and young adults with the disease of addiction.
Furthermore, he has extensive experience in the area of assessment to include forensic level assessments for impaired professionals.

      He participated as part of a team from the Atlanta area to develop an international model for addiction healing.

      David is a recognized public speaker & educator on addiction-related topics with a special interest in the dual addictions of chemical dependency and codependency.

      David’s outside interest and experience include real estate and rental ownership, as well as renovation and remodeling.  


David W Donaldson, CAC II
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Office

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